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Submitting your own video

If you would like to submit your own video please read our tips below and submit your video by clicking here

Submit video

  1. Use a high definition video camera mounted on a tripod or other secure point. Alternatively, use a high definition video incorporated in your operating microscope.
  2. Videos should be no more than 10 minutes long.
  3. Feel free to incorporate footage of live surgery alongside simulation surgery, to show how the two compare.
  4. Add an informative voiceover, recorded with a good quality microphone.
  5. Feel free to add a piece to camera at the start of the clip to introduce yourself (and your team) and where you work.
  6. Please state which section of the SOS website you would like your video up loaded to i.e. Cataract, Glaucoma, VR, Strabismus or Intra-ocular injections.