Glaucoma Tube eye – (pack of 6 eyes)

£360.00 ex. VAT
Product Code: PS-017a-TB.

The glaucoma tube eye is spherical with conjunctiva, Tenons capsule and 4 rectus muscles. It also has a 360 degree scleral layer adjacent to the limbus and an iris. It enables surgeons to practice the placement of all types of glaucoma tube / valve devices.
They are sold in packs of 6 eyes.


Product Description

The glaucoma tube eyes are spherical and have a conjunctival layer, a Tenons layer, four rectus muscles, an iris  and two scleral patches similar to the trabeculectomy eyes. These eyes can be used for devices such as Ahmed valves or Baerdveldt implants  The price is per pack of 6 eyes.

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